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Redefine workplace wellbeing

Improve the health and happiness of your people.


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The Virtual Club is a global community platform which engages, motivates and rewards individuals through the power of physical and mental activity.


Enhance workplace wellbeing, performance and productivity


Empower individuals to challenge themselves mentally and physically


Strengthen connections, improve engagement and retention

Giving back

Create lasting social impact

Gamify your workplace wellbeing

The Virtual Club engages your people in mental and physical activities that can truly impact health and happiness.

Walk to the moon, run around the world, smash your 5k PB... embrace the power of virtual togetherness.

The best part is, everyone can take part. With a range of activities, challenges and races, individuals can earn points towards their company and global leaderboard ranking. Every activity logged earns credits which can be redeemed against local charitable initiatives, turning individual  effort into social good.

"If physical activity was a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure, due to the great many illnesses it can prevent and help treat."
UK Chief Medical Officer

Private challenges

Connect your teams, engage your people, and harness a competitive spirit through private challenge events, and feel a sense of achievement - together.

Set up bespoke company-branded private events for your people, and take your workplace wellbeing initiative to the next level.

Over 500 businesses

70 countries globally

Millions of activities logged

Compete in races

Connect with others

Participate in challenges

Track your efforts

Create social impact

Check your rankings

Compete in races

Track your efforts

Create social impact

Connect with others

Participate in challenges

Check your rankings

"The Virtual Club is a great way to continue to support important causes in Singapore, as well as providing a means for bringing the office closer together."

Lizzie, Watson Farley & Williams

This is the future of workplace wellbeing.

Be part of the future.
Be a visionary.

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