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12 de julho de 2024


Play the Club Video

Take the relay with you all year round.

Check your race results and explore a whole new world of active challenges to take part in with your colleagues and teammates!

Live relay information at your fingertips.

Check your race results in real-time with the Square Mile Club app and have all the important event information at your fingertips!

What's more, there's no need to wait for the next race to come around to connect with your colleagues. Embrace your competitive spirit and challenge yourself with weekly solo and team challenges, and #RunForYourCity wherever you are!

Download the app now:

Take part in challenges

Enter challenges across 40 different activity types.

Track your progress

Journey through the virtual 'world', from beach to mountain. Earn activity points to unlock levels.

Connect with colleagues

Participate solo, with colleagues or against them, and create your own team leaderboards.