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London Virtual Club Announcement Race Launch

The relay returns to London!

08 September 2020 in 12:00PM

The first ever Virtual Club relay event will take place between 23-27 September.

In an exciting and innovative new development, Virtual Club members affiliated to London on the platform will be able to run with their colleagues against their city rivals.

Companies will need a minimum of five runners running one mile each to be able to feature in the Official Results, with the times of the five fastest individuals from each company counting towards their placing in the race.

“It’s great to be getting back to our relay roots, albeit in a virtual format”, said Global Race Director Tim Manton.

“It’s fitting that it’s in London where we held our first ever relay race back in 2007.

“Teamwork is at the heart of our community and the relay epitomises that, so we are delighted to launch the Virtual Bloomberg Square Mile Relay London 2020.”

Barclays have traditionally been the dominant force at the London Relay race over the years, but Manton hopes the new virtual format will gives others the chance to compete.

“We are looking forward to seeing lots of familiar names signing up to the race, as well as welcoming new teams from smaller companies that might have struggled in the past to build a team of 10 runners, or from companies that may have other offices within the UK providing the opportunity for a company-wide team building exercise”, said Manton.

The London event will be the first in a new series of city based virtual relay races on the platform with the full schedule due to be announced in the coming weeks.

The race will form part of the activities being organised for National Fitness Day, a national campaign helping to raise awareness of the importance of leading healthier and more active lifestyles.

Find out more and enter the Virtual Bloomberg Square Mile Relay London 2020 here.