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The race for the Fastest Firm of 2023 continues…

08 September 2023 in 11:27AM

With the completion of both San Francisco and São Paulo relays, and London around the corner, it sure has been a hectic couple of months.

In July we took the race back to San Francisco after four years away from Pier 27. With a vibrant atmosphere and fierce competition, it was Dodge & Cox who retained their top spot from 2019 in a speedy 58:34.6 – the only team in their city to finish under an hour! It was great to be back at Pier 27 after four long years away. We missed the pier-side atmosphere and so did our runners. Check out what some of the San Francisco participants had to say about why they took part in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay.

August 17th then saw another team retain its title, as the baton was handed to São Paulo and reigning champions Itaú Unibanco came in at 56:24.5 – they shaved a minute off last year’s time and truly earned the title of Fastest Firm in the city. Impressive stuff! See what went down by watching the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay São Paulo highlights.

Both of these incredible times have shaken up things on the 2023 relay leaderboard – with Tokyo and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank losing their top spot. With another four confirmed cities to race, how will the leaderboard look by the end of 2023!?

Next up to race is London – our flagship event where it all started many years ago. London, we hope you’re ready to step up to the starting line, as this race promises to be one for the ages. Just in case you need a reminder of what happened last year, check out the 2022 London highlights and get ready for 13th September – and while you’re at it, find out from a few of last year’s runners what they thought of the race immediately after they’d finished!

Stay prepared for your relay with the Bloomberg Square Mile app

Participants are downloading The Club app to practise their fastest laps with their team, taking part in solo/team challenges and gaining access to all the race details prior to race day.

Using the app before the event means you have the chance to win a prize on race night for our ‘Most Active User’ – a chance to stand on stage as a winner for logging the most activities on the app. After the race, you can use the app to keep your relay experience alive by having access to a wide variety of challenges to enter either solo, head-to-head or with your colleagues. There’s much more available on the app, such as global leaderboards to see where you rank and challenges which unlock charitable donations worldwide.

Stay ahead of the game – download the Bloomberg Square Mile Club app now.