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Six months down, six more to go!

06 July 2023 in 9:28AM

We’ve made it to the halfway point of the year! Thank you all for staying with us through the first half of 2023 – let’s look back at what’s happened so far this year, before looking forward to the next six months:

We’ve taken the relay to three cities so far

So far, we’ve confirmed who the fastest firms in Dubai, Mumbai and Tokyo are this year. Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank currently lead the pack as the fastest firm of 2023, but with another six months’ worth of races to follow, will London, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Singapore or Sydney be able to steal top spot?

We’ve raised $90,000 for worthwhile causes

Your collective efforts across the three relays have helped raise a total of $90,000 for worthwhile causes – $30,000 for each of our community partners UAE Food BankMagic Bus India and Ludens Japan. With more races scheduled this year, along with your activity on the Square Mile Club app, we’ll be generating even more for 2023.

The ultimate team-building app continues to expand

The Square Mile Club app continues to be the ultimate platform for relay participants to access their race details and continue their active journey.

From recent surveys, one of the main reasons why members were motivated to continue using The Club app was for its varied, gamified challenges. In response to this, we created Team Captain challenges tailor made for relay teams to practice their laps, and for the first time ever we created a year-long Race the Relay Cities Challenge.

It’s not too late to get involved and join the race! All you have to do is hit the ‘More Challenges’ tab in the app and get logging those miles!

We launched our Club Champions Programme

The most dedicated and engaged members of the app deserve to be recognised by the wider community, and so we’ve created the Club Champions programme for a selected few members who will receive a host of exclusive benefits within the Club. Our current Club Champions are:

  • Caroline Masters
  • Sebastien Espinasse
  • Matt Burton
  • Natalia Rybak
  • Roning Avellanosa
  • Min Wei Lim
  • Rachel Nair
  • Haeyoeun Seo
  • Jose Eduardo Garcia
  • Samarth Kapoor

Look out for these names over the next half of the year!

If you wanted to become one of our champions then continue completing challenges and logging your activity in the app – we review our champions membership periodically and will always reward the most engaged users!

We’ve only just started – we’ll be kicking off the second half of 2023 with our relay in San Francisco on July 19th 2023. Find out what went down the last time we visited Pier 27 in 2019 here.