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Meet Team BloombergNEF

25 September 2019 in 2:43PM

Ahead of the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay London 2019, we caught up with Isabelle from Bloomberg to find out how her BloombergNEF team is shaping up for the race.

“The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is a great social event with companies from all over the City of London. Our team includes experienced runners, like modelling analyst, Andrew T who is aiming for the fastest time of the group, while transport analyst Andrew G would just like to run as fast as Andrew T!

“Marathon-runner Diego will bring the Mexican spice to the after-race party, joined by commercial head John who is excited about the food and drinks at the end of the race!

“Engineer Omar is aiming for an above-average time, while product analyst Alessandro would just like to finish the race. He recalls having ran a 1 km relay in his past life, so he is challenging himself to a 1 mile relay in this life.

“The ladies of the race are all renewable energy analysts. Emma, Katie and myself as captain are experienced runners. We’re all looking forward to the team-building aspects of participating in the relay, and the opportunity to give something back to a meaningful cause.

BloombergNEF are one of eight teams from Bloomberg competing at the 2019 race in London.

“Hailing from Japan, emerging market analyst Takehiro is our team’s secret weapon, he is super-fast!”

And how has the team been preparing for the race?…

“The team has been running over lunch (or “RUNch”) around the City of London, so our rivals should expect some serious competition from the BloombergNEF team!

“Whether we win or lose, we like to eat cake on both Fridays and Mondays, so we won’t stay sad for too long!”

The BloombergNEF team typifies the diverse motivations and aspirations of all of those who run in the relay.

You can follow BloombergNEF progress via our Official App and on the Results Base website.