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Going The Extra Mile for Mumbai

17 February 2020 in 6:00AM

As part of The Extra Mile initiative, which helps participants of the relay contribute to their city in a bigger, better way, each runner runs for a cause from a choice of three options. Magic Bus, our award-winning official charity partner in Mumbai, implements solutions to address the winning cause. Last year runners had the choice of running for education, girls’ empowerment or livelihood. Livelihood took the night with its runners registering the quickest average time, triggering a USD $20,000 donation to Magic Bus to provide young people in Mumbai with the skills and knowledge to work, earn and contribute to the economy.

Magic Bus is one of the largest poverty alleviation programs in India, working with more than 375,000 children and young people in 22 States and 77 Districts across the country. Its activity-based sessions are delivered across 798 schools and 1934 communities. In Mumbai, they work with some of the poorest children and young people living in poverty, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods using the power of sport, play and games. Through their fantastic work, the organisation equips young people with the life skills and knowledge they require to build a better life for themselves.

In the 12 months since the last runner crossed the finish line in the Jio Garden, the work Magic Bus has done in the community has been remarkable. They have delivered the Magic Bus Employability Education Program – a work readiness program for adolescents focused on developing relevant employability and life skills at higher secondary school level and above. These skills have enabled adolescents to reach their potential and realize their goals. The program brings together three core requirements – life skills, employability skills and employer linkages and this provides a holistic platform for young people in the city to begin a productive life. The donation has been crucial as it has allowed over 1,000 youths to receive programming.

James Hassett, Managing Director of Square Mile Sport (organisers of the Relay Series) said: “The charitable work Magic Bus had been able to carry out in the Mumbai community has been amazing. It has been a great pleasure to form a partnership with Magic Bus and support the delivery of projects that enable young people in poverty to realise their potential. We look forward to seeing the partnership between Magic Bus and the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay grow and deliver a long-lasting legacy in the Mumbai community.”

Once again, thanks to the effort and support of the companies and their employees that take part in our races we have been able to make leave a lasting legacy in a race city long after they have crossed the finish line!

Find out more about The Extra Mile’s program in Mumbai this year here and we look forward to running with you on 6 March and seeing which cause wins in 2020!