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Channel your inner Strava artist with a creative new challenge

03 March 2021 in 10:57AM

Strava fans rejoice. We are (perhaps far too) excited to announce that Strava activities can now be synced to the Virtual Club platform. For all you segment chasers, KOM and QOM heroes, and kudos-fans – your points and credits can now come rolling in.

Currently the Strava syncing compatibility is only available for iPhone users, but if any of you are budding or yet-to-be-discovered Strava artists, things are about to get very exciting. If ever there were a challenge which combines physical activity and creative thinking, we’ve got it right here.

To celebrate this fabulous news, we’re launching the Strava Art Challenge – get your creativity flowing and see what ‘art’ you can come up with using only the power of your two feet or two wheels. ‘Draw’ your running, walking or cycling route using Strava, log your activity and submit your ‘art’ to us throughout March, and you could win US$100 worth of Wiggle vouchers.

If you want some inspiration, check out Lenny Maughan’s creation. The San Francisco-based runner took 6 hours, 8 minutes and 15 seconds, and he covered almost 29 miles (46.5 kilometers), with over 3,500ft of elevation gain (1090m) to create it. An impressive run even without the Strava art!

How can I get involved?
First – ensure you have downloaded the BSMR Virtual Club App to your phone.

On your Strava account:

  • Go to your profile
  • Reach your settings (small gear on the top right corner)
  • Go to the “Applications, Services and Devices” section
  • Click “Connect with Health” and then tick the two boxes on.

Validate by clicking on “Connect”
From your Apple Health app

  • You first have to make sure that from Health, your Strava account is connected and sync data. To do so:
    • Go to your Apple Health app profile
    • Within the “Privacy” menu, go to the “Apps” section
    • Search for “Strava” and turn all categories on
  • Then, still within the Apple Health app,
    • Go to the Privacy > Apps section, and look for the BSMR Virtual Club app and turn all categories on

There we have it, your Strava activities will now sync automatically to your dashboard without you having to add them manually.

Submit your best Strava art to us by Wednesday, 31 March in the following ways:

  • Post a screenshot of your Strava art on Instagram and be sure to tag @bloombergsquaremilerelay with the hashtag #VirtualClubStravaArt
  • Tweet us with a screenshot of your Strava art to @squaremilerelay using the hashtag #VirtualClubStravaArt
  • Post a screenshot on Facebook and tag us at Bloomberg Square Mile Relay using the hashtag #VirtualClubStravaArt
  • Or, if you’re not a social media fan, email us an attachment to [email protected]

We will then pick a winner who creates the best Strava Art. We look forward to seeing your best creations!