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News Race Preview Tokyo

今年5月、ブルームバーグ スクエア・マイル・リレーが東京に戻ってきます!This May, the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay returns to Tokyo!

11 April 2023 in 8:17AM

4年ぶりにブルームバーグ スクエア・マイル・リレーが活気に満ちた東京の街に戻ってきます。

ブルームバーグ スクエア・マイル・リレー・シリーズの本年度第3回目のレースが2023年5月18日に東京で開催されます。丸の内でレースを開催できるのは4年ぶり。今回も東京の夜ならではのエネルギーを感じていただけることをスタッフ一同楽しみに、ランナーの皆さまをお待ちしております。







ブルームバーグ スクエア・マイル・クラブ

ブルームバーグ スクエア・マイル・クラブに登録して、レースに向けて準備を始めましょう。レース当日の情報やリアルタイムのレース結果をチェックできるほか、レースの前にチャレンジに参加したり、チームのスコアボードを作成することができます。今すぐアプリをダウンロードして、ベストタイムを打ち出すべく準備を始めてください。



After four years away, we finally bring the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay back to the vibrant city of Tokyo!

On 18 May, the 2023 relay series heads to Tokyo for the third race of the year. It’s been four years since we last raced at Marunouchi District, so we’re looking forward to unlocking all the energy which Tokyo has to offer on the night.

Before we look ahead to what will be a night to remember, let’s cast our minds back to 2019 – the last time the global event graced Tokyo. It was a night which saw Barclays steal the show with an astonishing time of 51:30, granting them the title of the city’s fastest firm. Not far behind in second place were Abeam Impulse with a time of 52:46, and only nine seconds behind them were third place team Nomura Asset Management in 52:55!. It’s not hard to see that the competition is extremely fierce, and with an incredible 13 teams finishing their relay within the hour mark, the esteemed “fastest firm in Tokyo” title is anybody’s to grab for 2023.

Bloomberg’s “Faster than your internet” claimed the fastest mixed team with a collective time of 57:52, just over a minute faster than their rivals Goldman Sachs. As for the female teams, team Anan smashed their results with a time of 1:16:45 – beating the fastest female team time for the previous year by nearly three minutes. Overall for the year of 2019, Tokyo claimed the second and fifth fastest race times – with such an amazing achievement, can they produce more top five race times for 2023? We’ll find out in a few short months.

The Extra Mile

Through The Extra Mile charity programme, runners can expect every mile they run to contribute towards raising $30,000 for  The Extra Mile Partner, Ludens Japan. The charity offers virtual and in-person leadership opportunities for discriminated youth, as well as delivering after-school, play-based education programs.

Bloomberg Square Mile Club

If you need a plan of action to get your team physically and mentally ready for the race, then we’ve got you covered. Join the Bloomberg Square Mile Club to make sure you and your team stay prepared for the race and beyond. Get access to all the race day information and live results on the night – but better still, be one step ahead of your rivals by taking part in challenges and creating leaderboards for your team before the relay. Download the app now and prepare to run your best lap yet!

Will Barclays be able to retain their lead as the fastest firm in Tokyo? Will another team knock the financial firm off the top spot? It’s time to get excited Tokyo, we’re bringing the energy your way. Get your team excited by reliving the moments from the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Tokyo 2019.