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FAQs: Virtual Club

Do you have a Virtual Club App?

Yes, the quickest and simplest way for you to engage with the Virtual Club and your colleagues is through using the Virtual Club App. It is available for both Apple and Android

If you have already registered for the Virtual Club you can login to the app using your existing account details. If you are yet to register for the Virtual Club, you can do this on the Virtual Club app. 

Is the Virtual Club taking the place of my postponed race in 2021?

The Virtual Club gives our community the opportunity to still compete against colleagues and other companies locally or globally, whilst races are postponed. All Virtual Club members will be able to take part in a series of local or global races and challenges, including a ‘virtual’ one-mile race, so make sure you sign up!

Where can I see how my company is performing?

When logged onto the Virtual Club, navigate to the ‘My City’ or ‘Championship’ pages to view your company’s position in your city or globally. Alternatively, click here to view a snapshot of the global standings last month.

How can I register my company?

If your company is not listed, please email your company name to [email protected] for verification. Once verified, we will let you know if you can complete the registration process.

How do I change company if I have already signed up to the Virtual Club?

Email your details and the name of your new company to [email protected] and we will transfer your account.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned through daily walking, running or cycling activities only, but bonus points are available if you complete any virtual races and challenges. For more information about points please visit the help centre

How am I contributing to The Extra Mile programme?

This year, our race community will be able to make an impact through The Extra Mile programme by signing up to the Bloomberg Square Mile Virtual ClubEvery time you sync an activity to your dashboard on the Virtual Club, you earn activity points. For every five activity points, you earn 1 credit. You can then redeem these credits for a vote towards one of two causes that could be addressed by the charity partner in your city. Towards the end of the year, all votes will be counted and The Extra Mile cause in each race city with the most votes will receive a donation of US$25,000. 

The details:  

  • Every activity that you track and sync earns you credits 
  • 5 points = 1 credit 
  • 200 credits = 1 vote 
  • Cast your vote for your preferred cause in your city

What if you are not from a race city? 

For anyone who is registered to the Rest of World category you can use your credits to vote for your preferred charity and cause in any race city. 

What if you are a user from Shanghai or Beijing?  

US$25,000 donation will be donated to the charity partners in Beijing and Shanghai but the cause that those charities will address will not be voted for through the Virtual Club credit voting process. If you are on the Virtual Club and in one of those cities, you can use your credits to vote for your preferred charity and cause in any other race city, and we will let you know at later date how the cause will be chosen in your city. 




What is a ‘virtual’ race or challenge?

A ‘virtual’ race or challenge enables you to participate in an event wherever you are in the world. Virtual walking, running or cycling works exactly the same as any other type of activity - you can do it in any location, at any pace, inside on stationery equipment or outside on the street, in a park, or even in another country! Once you are a member of the Virtual Club you will have access to all our ‘virtual’ races and challenges.

How can I access the Virtual Club?

You need to be a registered member of the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay and the Virtual Club to access the platform. Visit and click ‘sign up’ if you are a new member, or click ‘log in’ if you have already signed up.

Who can join the Virtual Club?

Anyone can join the Virtual Club as long as they are employed by a company, and register under their company’s name. You do not need to have participated in a Bloomberg Square Mile Relay race, but please note that any new companies will need to be verified.

What if I encounter an error during the login or registration process?

If you come across an error, or are directed to an error webpage, please re-start the login or registration process and try again. If you repeatedly face the problem, please take a screenshot of the issue you encounter and email it to [email protected] for assistance.

Which cycling activities contribute activity points?

All activities completed on a bike and tracked on your app or fitness tracker will be considered a ‘cycling activity’ and earn you and your company points. This could be road cycling, trail cycling, mountain biking, indoor cycling, spinning, etc.

I am not from one of the 12 race cities – can I still join and participate?

Yes absolutely. When you register you will be asked for several details, including ‘Your City’, if you are not from one of the 12 Race Cities you can select ‘New City?’ ? Your country ? your closest major city. Once on the platform and joining your company team, please choose your city as "Rest of the World" - this is how your company team will appear in all leaderboards and results.

If you are already registered and would like to change your race city you will need to email the team on [email protected].