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Virtual Club

Virtual Club – Our Partner Charities

07 September 2020 at 11:04AM

Global cause. Local impact. #RunForYourCity

Whilst we aren’t able to come together in person on a live Bloomberg Square Mile Relay race night in 2020, we are still committed to continuing the great work and hugely positive impact of The Extra Mile program around the world.

The Extra Mile program will help to support some fantastic work and projects through the support of our members through their daily activity in the Virtual Club. Our global Relay community has the opportunity to unlock up to US$300,000 in donations this year to support our charity partners in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic or addressing inequality issues in our host cities. It is vital that we support our partner charities during this time, to ensure these projects and programs continue to provide opportunities for young people most affected during this global pandemic. Every point earned via the Virtual Club will go towards unlocking monthly donations, so get out there and keep earning points!

You can find out more about how your activity is supporting The Extra Mile program here.

Below is the list of charities that we are supporting in each city through The Extra Mile in 2020. We will be profiling these in a series of articles throughout the year so keep a look out in The Extra Mile story collection for updates!

Hong Kong – Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation

London – Greenhouse Sports. Read how we are working with Greenhouse Sports in 2020 here

Mumbai – Magic Bus

New York – 9/11 Memorial & Museum

San Francisco – America Scores

Sao Paulo – Instituto Esporte e Educação

Singapore – SportCares

Tokyo – Ludens Japan / Coaches Across Continents

Beijing and Shanghai partners charities to be confirmed shortly

Charities supported by The Extra Mile program through our live race events in 2020, the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay:

Dubai – Emirates Red Crescent

Emirates Red Crescent was supported by all our runners who took part in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Dubai in February 2020. 25% of the team entry fees contributed to the total donation of US$33,000 which helped to fund a year-long project based on the winning cause, Disaster Relief. The project is supporting countries affected by floods, earthquakes, drought and desertification, as well as supporting humanitarian issues for the most vulnerable groups, funded by The Extra Mile.

Mumbai – Magic Bus

Magic Bus was supported by our runners who took part in the 2020 edition of the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay in March. 25% of the team entry fees contributed to the total donation of US$20,000 to The Extra Mile program, which has helped to fund a year-long project supporting sports programming in Mumbai that is engaging and retaining the city’s most disadvantaged children in school.

Sydney – Coaches Across Continents

Although the 2020 edition of the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay was unable to take place in March, our Sydney runners were given the opportunity to vote for their chosen cause to support through The Extra Mile program. The overwhelming winner was Mental Health, and the US20,000 donation has allowed Coaches Across Continents to build a program based which will create a safe space for discussions around mental health in youth. For young people the emotional impact of social distancing and self-isolation is increasingly vital. The programs will be underpinned by positive youth development processes to support holistic, positive youth well-being.