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Go The Extra Mile In Your City

23 August 2018

São Paulo


The Causes

The Extra Mile is a community-led initiative by Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, which addresses a unique social challenge in each city. It gives runners and spectators alike the opportunity to make a meaningful and actionable difference to public health, education, arts or the environment of their communities, all through using the power of sport.

Not only do we run these cities - we care about them, too. 

In Sao Paulo, we asked the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay race community to vote on the social issue that they felt most needed to be addressed in the city. The winner: EDUCATION!

The Local Partner

The Extra Mile teamed up with sport-for-development organization Instituto Esporte e Educação to help kids learn the values of being positive citizens in the community through sports, games and physical activity. 

The program kick-off with a community day on August 11th. Instituto Esporte e Educação hosted a fun afternoon of interactive sport and education sessions with local youth, which involved soccer games and team-building sessions with the volunteers.

This is the launch of ongoing programming by IEE that The Extra Mile is supporting over the next year, which will look to continuously support groups of local children and young people in sports and educational activities to help them grow as individuals and shape their futures.

The relay community will now have a chance to volunteer in interactive and exciting activities that addresses this winning challenge and kicks off the yearlong support of The Extra Mile in Sao Paulo.

Please join us and go the extra mile yourself by participating in a volunteer day, it will be an experience you’ll never forget!


The Extra Mile - São Paulo

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