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Private Events

Bespoke company-wide health and wellbeing initiatives

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Welcome to The Challenge Zone, where you can set up your very own private event within the Virtual Club

Create branded, bespoke events and challenges that can only be entered by your employees, the perfect way to engage your workforce in company-wide health and wellbeing programmes. Create fully inclusive, accessible and meaningful shared experiences for your employees that drives engagement, connection and a sense of community through a variety of bespoke races and challenges.


During these difficult times, it is hard to keep your teams connected and motivated whilst working remotely. Private Events on the Virtual Club allows you to bring together your employees virtually and to get them active and engaged in challenges which are specifically branded and themed for your company, whilst supporting your organisational objectives.

Connect with colleagues

Engage employees locally, nationally and globally to compete in a fun and competitive environment


Take part in a wide number of bespoke branded races or challenges created for your company, and our own community event within the Virtual Club and earn points for your activity


Incentivise and reward employees to take part in these challenges and promote collective well-being

How it works

Create your private event

Our dedicated account management team will work with you to create your own bespoke event to challenge and motivate your business

Invite your colleagues

Get active alongside your colleagues virtually on The Virtual Club platform

Download the app

Stay up to date with your company’s progress by downloading the app

Track your activity

Connect your fitness tracker app with your dashboard and your activity will automatically sync to the event.

See your progress

Leaderboards provide regular updates for internal races

Celebrate your achievement

All finishers of the event will receive an exclusive digital badge on their personal profile and additional incentives/prizes can be added to further inspire and excite.

Bespoke Events


Race events are designed as a “Virtual Race” where distance is the goal! Whether it’s a short run or a longer cycle, we can create the excitement of a Race Day. Participants unite to take part in the event, no matter where in the world they are located at a start time of their choosing within the event time period. All finishers will be able to see their ranking displayed on the event page live leaderboard.


A challenge event will give participants the opportunity to complete an objective created for you across a wide range of activities, objectives and time period. Participants can check their own individual progress towards the challenge on the event page.

Group Challenge

Gather your workforce as everyone’s activity contributes to the event goal. The totaliser on the event page will display a live accumulation of all your participants’ efforts. The perfect event to encourage your employees to work together to reach a target as a team

Get in touch today for more information on how Private Events on the Virtual Club can support your business

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