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New York

June 8, 2023

FAQs: San Francisco

When will the next race take place in San Francisco?

We are delighted to announce the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay will be returning to San Francisco on Wednesday 19th July!

The race will be exclusively for Bloomberg clients.

What are the Team Eligibility and Race Rules for the San Francisco race?


  1. Each team should consist of 10 participants, but the minimum number of participants per team is 8 - in this situation, 2 participants must run another lap each in order for the team to complete all 10 laps. No participant is permitted to run more than 2 laps.
  2. Participants are permitted to run in only one team at any given race and must be at least 18 years of age on the race date.
  3. A minimum of 8 individual participants in each team must be employed by the corporation or be a member of the professional organisation or learned society entering the race – verification of eligibility must be provided upon request.
  4. If a corporation has less than 20 employees or members, they are able to group together with one other corporation that also has less than 20 employees or members in order to form a team, but at least half of the participants in the team must be employees or members from the registered corporation.
  5. There are 3 different team categories in the race: Overall, Mixed and Team Eligibility Rules 1-4 apply to all 3 categories.
  6. All teams will be eligible for the Overall
  7. To be eligible for the Mixed category, a team will need to consist of at least 4 individual female participants, running a minimum of one lap each, and at least 1 male participant, running at least one lap – the rest of the team can be filled with any gender.
  8. To be eligible for the Female category, a team will need to consist of female participants only.
  9. The fastest 3 Overall teams, the fastest Mixed team and the fastest Female team will be awarded after the race has finished, but if the race needs to be stopped for any reason the awards will only be presented to teams that have completed at least 5 laps.


  1. Every team must complete 10 laps of the designated one-mile (1.6km) course.
  2. There can only be one participant per team on the course at any given time.
  3. Should any participant wish to walk instead of run during their lap, always keep to the side of the course to prevent blocking other participants.
  4. Your race baton contains your timing chip. Participants can only pass the baton by hand to their own team members, in the transition area, opposite the race pens - throwing, rolling or kicking the baton is not allowed.
  5. After handing the baton to their team member, the participant must immediately move into the Finish Area. The last participant must return their team baton to staff in the finish area.
  6. Each participant is required to display their bib number clearly throughout the race on the front of their t-shirt or vest.

No appeals are allowed. The Race Organiser’s decision is final.

I was a Team Captain when the last race was cancelled, what happens next?

All Team Captains that had an entry into the 2020 race will have their team entry rolled over to our 2023 race. If you are in this position, you should have received an email from our team explaining how to claim your rollover teams. Please contact [email protected] for more.

Can spectators come into the Race Village?

Spectators are welcome to join runners in the Event Village! Check out the route map to see where you can catch the best of the action.

What are the changing facilities?

There are no changing rooms on-site so we recommend that runners arrive ready to run. There will be toilets with cubicles, and a baggage tent where you can leave your bags during the race should you need to.

Will there be an After-Party?

Participants will be able to enjoy the ‘After-Party’ in the Race Village where there will be music and first-class hospitality for all participants, including a main meal, dessert and drinks as part of their entry package.

What time do we need to be there on the night?

Team captains should arrive from 4.30pm on the day to register and collect their team’s race pack which includes all runner bibs. Please note that it is only the nominated team captain who can register the team. Team members need to arrive from 4:30pm.

The full schedule can be viewed here

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