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13 de junho de 2024


Create a bespoke Private Challenge.

Empower your people, boost connectivity and enhance wellbeing.

It's time to get your people active and working together towards a shared goal, with a bespoke Private Challenge on the Bloomberg Square Mile Club app.

Enhanced interactivity and gamified features will keep your employees engaged and physically active - anywhere in the world.

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"I've had some incredible feedback both during and after the event. People have made friends with colleagues in the other areas of the business they rarely spoke to before, while others have lost weight off the back of the extra exercise the challenge motivated them to do. The challenge has brought a real sense of community and fun during a very difficult period for all of us. It has been a real pleasure seeing the positive effect that the challenge has had on everyone's wellbeing including my own."

Royal Bank of Canada

The ultimate in team engagement.

Set up bespoke virtual challenges for your team or organisation, and take your workplace wellbeing initiative to the next level:

  • Create your own virtual challenge for employees based anywhere in the world
  • Custom challenge badge designed for your challenge can be awarded to participants
  • 40 activity types available - not just a step tracker!
  • Company and team leaderboards to nurture healthy competition
  • See your employees' progress through the virtual world as they earn Activity Points and unlock levels
  • Employees can react to each others activities to provide motivation and encouragement
  • Compatible with most major fitness trackers so activities can sync seamlessly to participant dashboards
  • Turn physical effort into social good - participants earn Charity Points which can be donated to charitable causes
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle and improved team engagement